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Minimal Invasive Surgery

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery is done through small incisions. Advances in recent years all over the world have brought us these new minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Pelvi Acetabular

Pelvic fractures and acetabular fractures are among the most serious injuries treated by orthopedic surgeons. Often, the result of a traumatic incident such as, a motor vehicle accident or a bad fall.

Trauma Surgery

Trauma refers to injuries sustained by various mechanisms, road accidents, falls, twists and sprains, etc.

Knee Replacement

Learning about your condition is the most important step to resuming many of your favorite activities. Please take the time to read this brochure, so you can have an informed discussion with your doctor about the treatment that is right for you.

Total Hip Replacements

The hip is a “ball and socket” joint. The ball is formed by the head of the thigh bone (femur) which fits snugly into the cup-shaped bone in the pelvis (acetabulum).

Tumor Surgeries

Neoplasm means ‘’new growth’’. In layman’s terms, it means tumors. Tumors can be malignant (cancer) or benign. Bone tumors can either arise directly from the bone tissue or can spread from other parts of the body. We specialize in surgeries for bone tumors, primary and metastatic, benign, and malignant.

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